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About us

Finding and analyzing picks

The hardest part of our work in our world is finding and analyzing safe and profitable picks. We spend a lot of hours finding, narrowing down the selection, analyzing and choosing the right pick for you. All picks are based on the form of teams, players injuries, potential cooperation between clubs, weather conditions.. Make sure that each pick is analyzed to the smallest detail.

Sending picks

You can expect your picks every morning at a certain time, long before the start of the match. Of course, we send the picks via e-mail, and this is the only way of communication and sending picks.

Enjoying the results

Like any serious team, we also expect positive results every day. Sometimes we will be lucky, and sometimes we will not, but as always we expect from picks to win without a "lucky" factor. Enjoy in our suggestions.

Few words about us

Why Improve Betting?
We love betting but we think the industry could be a lot better. Improve Betting is here to advocate transparency in the industry and ultimately improve your betting! Our vision is to empower betting around the world through transparency and technology. To achieve this we have established a platform that ultimately aims to improve sports betting. This platform includes full transparency about bookmakers and contains comprehensive betting information supported by fantastic admin team. We hope you too want to be part of our community and winning team.

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